Water Pollution — The Right Way To Curtail It

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The global scenario

Water pollution – its causes and effects are a major health concern globally in modern times. More than a billion people around the world have no access to safe water sources at a small distance from their houses, as per statistics. 400 million children are deprived of safe water as per estimations. Another serious matter is that water that is declared safe is the one that contains bacteriological agent which causes many diseases.

Proper dispose of human waste has not been achieved

Almost two third of the human population have no means to safe disposal of human waste, probably due to poor or non-existing sanitation infrastructure. Human waste is not disposed off well, thus causing contamination of water and food sources.

Affects poses by water pollution

Unsanitary water causes many ailments like trachoma diarrhea, dehydration, intestinal parasites, arsenic poisoning, parasitic worms, and many gastro intestinal problems. These water borne diseases mainly affect children, old people and those who have a weak immune system.

The actual problem to ensure supply of unpolluted water

A large number of people in some of the low and middle income countries fail to follow right practice of hygiene and experience difficulty in correctly disposing human waste. Lack of education and indifference of executive agencies and inadequacy of funds are the main deterrent in ensuring and prevention of water pollution in these countries.

The lack of the infrastructure to settle toilets is also one of the reasons for the water related problem. Lack of the infrastructural facilities and the granting laws are reason for all these problems.

Procedures to minimize water pollution

You on your part can help to reduce water pollution by taking a few basic steps. Firstly, check your own personal water activity in the home to reduce pollution burden on your local sewage works. Avoid using your bathtub and take a shower for only the period necessary to clean yourself. There are many similar examples of ways to curb excess use of water. If we individually curb consumption, the sewage works would get lower flow cleaner more conveniently. A concerted action on our part would not only reduce water pollution but also demand for water.

Secondly, one should control the use of water for the household utensils. We should remove the excessive food or leftovers before throwing them into the drain, but collect them in the garbage bin. This would reduce the pressure on the sewage works. Throwing all this unnecessary organic matter down the drain may be easy for you, but would cause the sewage system to get choked, and would not function smoothly.

If you own a car, wash it properly without spilling the washing liquids or old engine oil. All these washing liquids are non bio degradable components and do not decompose easily. Collect all these in a proper garbage bin and dispose then to recycle centers or waste reception centre. Keep yourself alert regarding any kind of pollution causes in your locality. In that case try to correct it or report to the local authorities.

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