Useful Alternative To Refinishing Wood Floors

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Sanding is an important step in the usual way of refinishing wood floors. This process requires the use of a sander which can be costly to the average homeowner. Therefore, homeowners usually wait for many years before scheduling a restoration job for the wooden flooring.

The process of sanding involves the stripping of existing gloss and the uppermost layer of the material to reveal new wood. However, since the planks used are not thick enough, the materials can only be opened to as many sanding jobs in its lifetime before nothing is left to sand. This has become a concern since wooden flooring is capable of staying long.

Thus, another process to refinish was formulated to create the same effect as a sanded restoration. It involves the buffing of the upper gloss using a heavy duty screen pad attached to the buffer machine. The machine is moved throughout the room in the route of the grain.

The particles that are detached is vacuumed. A second fanning is done using average strength pads. This removes the remaining polish but preserves the stained installation below. The resulting dust are again vacuumed from the area.

A fine screen pad is used as a final buffer. This results to a smooth and even surface. It also reveals the entirety of the installation. The dull color of the original stained material remains after the room is vacuumed clean.

Pour a well mixed solution of urethane into the far corner of the area. Pour it the direction perpendicular to the grains. Using a gloss applicator, pull the stain away from the wall and along the grain. Repeat the staining procedure until all the boards are covered. Leave for eight to ten hours.

Attach a fine sand paper to the buffer machine and run it throughout the room always following the direction of the grains of the board. Vacuum and apply another layer of the gloss. Let the layer dry out before applying the final coating. The room can be used about 48 hours after completely refinishing wood floors.

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