The Safe and Easy Way to Migrate from MS Access to MySQL

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To conduct efficacious global operations of business, companies share day-to-day transactional information with their respective clients and maintain their records with the help of database management systems. In order to make the corporate database more efficient, sometimes organizations may consider transferring the data to another platform. Due to certain functional differences in various database management systems (DBMS), data conversion and data migration tools play a major role in facilitating secure switching between various DBMS.

Simply saying, data conversion is the process of translating data from one format to another. This conversion is required when a particular data or attribute is incompatible with target database format. On the other hand, data migration refers to systematic movement of data from one system to another. This type of situation may arise in case of acquisitions and mergers of companies. It is of utmost importance that certain guidelines must be followed whenever such tasks are undertaken. If done without requisite knowledge and professional supervision, you may end up losing the most important asset for any organization i.e. its data.

If you are willing to convert or migrate your company’s database, you must ensure implementation of best migration strategy so as to avoid any data loss and produce productive results. For example, when converting MS Access to MySQL it is necessary to validate and to test data throughout the process due to number of essential differences between these two DBMS. To avoid spending much time and efforts on doing the work manually, you need a professional data migration tools to solve these tasks.

There are many data conversion toolkits available in the market, which allow you to convert databases on your side without having to pay hundreds of dollars to appropriate IT experts. However, before start using it you must ensure that the database conversion or migration solution works on the principles of data integrity and authenticity. The appropriate software must have easy-to-use interface and sufficient capacities to process large volume of data in a reasonable time. It should be able to convert main database objects such table definitions, data, indexes, foreign keys and views into format of the target database management system.

If you need an expert who can guide you through the entire process of database conversion or migration relieving from the danger of data loss, Intelligent Converters is one of the best options available on the market. Since 2001, the company has been providing database converters and data migration toolkits.Their user-friendly software products have not only made data migration easier but also reduced the chances of data loss or integrity break. Intelligent Converters developed reliable and powerful tools such as SQLite to MySQL delivering high performance due to direct connection to both source and destination databases. The migration toolkits support Unicode and are compatible with all versions of Windows MySQL and Linux servers.

About Intelligent Converters:

Intelligent Converters is a distinguished IT company offering software and services for data conversion, migration and synchronization tasks. Their toolkits can convert, migrate and synchronize databases in the most accurate way between various platforms, for example from MS SQL to Postgres. For more details, you may visit



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