The Advantages Of Removing Single Pane Sash Windows

June 20, 2019 | Author: | Posted in Financing

Replacing windows in an older home is an important investment. You need to understand why it is that people take the steps to replace their single glazed sash windows with double glades ones. Older homes were not built with single panes of glass in the windows. Double panes is a newer technology. If you replace these windows you will feel a difference in your comfort level in the room as well as enjoy energy savings.

The main difference between single glazed and double paned windows is the number of panes of glass. Single glazed have one pane of glass. Double glazed windows have two panes of glass. In double glazed sash windows there is a thin space between these panes of glass. This thin area is filled with air.

The most important reason to replace single glazed windows with double paned windows is to save on energy costs. Double panes are able to keep in heat and prevent the leaking of air. When it is cold outside the double paned windows will keep more heated air inside of the house. In warmer conditions these same double panes can help keep out heat that comes through the windows from the sun. Single paned windows are inefficient at doing both of these tasks.

Windows with just one pane of glass are not able to insulate against outside sounds as well as those that are double glazed. If you live in an area where noise is an issue from traffic or barking dogs you would be well served to replace your older windows.

Rays from the sun can cause fading and damage to furniture and decorative pieces in a room. These ultra violet rays come through windows to cause their damage. Single paned windows let in a lot of these ultraviolet rays. Double paneled windows can reduce these rays over seventy percent.

Guarding your furniture against ultra violet rays will make it last longer. You will not have to spend money to replace it as soon as you would without the protection of double glazed windows.

With older windows that have one pane of glass you have to makes choices between being energy efficient and being able to leave your windows open to enjoy your view. With double panes you can leave the shades up and be able to look out your window. Not only will you get to enjoy your view you can also use sunlight instead of turning on the lights during the day. This is another costs savings.

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