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Reviewing The Best Magicians In Winnipeg
By Illusionist Daniel Normandeau

For all those who taught me something, I thank you. Here are my opinions, although I have mixed feelings about many magicians in Winnipeg. Remember, these are just my opinions regarding some renowned Winnipeg magicians. You might not agree!


Daniel Normandeau is a world famous Magician, Mentalist and Hypnotist. Magic in Winnipeg has flourished. Daniel Normandeau has done magic for trade shows, corporate events and upscale functions. Winnipeg Magician Daniel Normandeau has even traveled to learn magic.

Mr. Brian Zembic : Magician in Winnipeg, Card Shark and Gambler
I met Brian Zembic’s brother Greg in 2013. I’d never heard of Brian Zembic. Some people suppose that as a magician, I should have heard about every other magician on earth. This goes to present – you can’t know everything. Brian is a SUPERB card manipulator and this is the reason he is at-the peak of my list. He may be the greatest manipulator I have ever seen from Winnipeg (not counting myself, of course), with split lovers that will make grown men cry. After chatting with Greg for several minutes, I understood that this guy Brian could not possibly be your run of-the mill, garden variety conjuror. Greg pulled out his iPhone and showed me some of Brian’s unbelievable card manipulation. Brian is a real magician, using his skills to earn a living in Las Vegas. I consider him to have some of the biggest balls in magic – along with the biggest breasts. That is certainly right, Zembic won $ 100, 000 in a wager where he had to keep them for 1 year and get breast implants. A lot of you might think it was a foolish wager, but I think it was brave. I would do it for 100 grand too. Way to go Brian! Thank you Greg for introducing me to Brian Zembic’s youtube videos, I was blown away! I expect to meet this amazing magician one day! Be sure to read about Brian Zembic here:

Mr. Dean Gunnarson – Escape Artist

Dean is a another super cool man. Once I offered my assistance and he was kind enough to reply. It truly is a big deal because most magicians won’t even talk to me! I truly respect Dean for enduring the cool of the Red River. His really dangerous stunts command the maximum regard. You can read about Dean’s brush with death here:

Mr. Tyzen Paley – Magician From Winnipeg and Hypnotist

Tyzen is a super great guy. I snuck in to see his show when I was learning hypnosis. I was hoping to go undetected, but I got caught! Tyzen is a sharp guy, you’ll have trouble fooling him! I even wore a disguise but he saw right through it. I apologized for the deception and asked humbly if I could stay and see the show. Tyzen was one of-the very most helpful entertainers to actually give advice to me. I am unable to say enough great things about this guy! His hypnosis show was exceptionally funny and perfect. Well polished performer and all around nice guy! We drank beer after his show and he gave me some pointers. I am ever grateful to Tyzen for graciously letting me to see his show.

Sean Fields – magician in winnipeg

Initially I met Sean Fields (One of Winnipeg’s most well known Magicians), I performed some card manipulation for him. He asked me what my name was and I answered “Dan”. Sean looked at me, utterly amazed and said “Dan? F**K YOU!”. It wasn’t meant to be disrespectful. Sean only talks that way sometimes. It was meant as a compliment to my lovely flipback supporter – something most magicians could never achieve. We went out for drinks that night after the magic club’s monthly meeting. Sean referred to me as a “guest of honor” and paid for my drinks. Sean is a good man and I really love his contributions to magic!

PATRICK GRÉGOIRE – Magicien Franco-Manitobain

Patrick Grégoire is also a very cool man. He sold me some of his magic props and gave me a great deal on them! Patrick is a man and he is French like me. I love his performance style and his way of thinking about charming effects!


I competed in a mentalism contest, when I was first involved with the club of Winnipeg. The target was to improve on a mind reading effect. Terry advised me to maintain my process secret, when I won. He wasn’t trying to pry or covet the procedure himself, he was genuinely looking for me – Which is something rare and prized. Another time at Toad Hall, Terry proposed some acting classes. As he has years of experience, it was not disrespectful for him to do so. He is a Senior Magician here in Winnipeg. If you want to learn the art of magic, I would suggest locating him and asking him to instruct you. I took his advice to heart and I’m very grateful for Terry’s respectful nature. Terry was the house Magician in the Elephant and Castle Pub for many years. Terry was operating at the Elephant and Castle, when I was first learning magic. I heard about him from my mom who had seen him perform during an outing with her friends. Terry always had a great perspective and I hope to see him again so I could thank him personally for his excellent advice over recent years.


I only met Darcy once. It was at Jeff McBride’s show at the Centennial concert hall here in Winnipeg. I saw while we were waiting for Jeff to emerge from backstage Darcy doing some coin rolls. Darcy’s coin rolls were quick and smooth. I believe he is a very skilled magician.

Sean Watson : Winnipeg Magician

I saw when I first turned 18 Sean Watson perform. I had just learned some card manipulation and I was eager to meet other magicians. I went to see one of his shows at the Pony Corral on Portage ave. The show was packed! Sean was doing some strolling magic before his show and we called him over to the table. He immediately knew I had been a magician! He asked me “Are you a magician?”, to which I responded “How did you know?”. Other magicians can be recognized by real magicians!


Maybe Brian is not a real magician… I have met him more than once but he does not understand! Once time, I was even operating as a sound tech for one of his shows. After boring the crowd with the linking rings, Brian performed the classic “bill in the lemon” trick. I understand this trick, but nevertheless I went to ask him after the show how it was done – simply to see his reaction. “Ancient Chinese secret”, mumbled Glow as he packed up his equipment. Not very charming. I really don’t assume anything from other magicians. I am blow away when any Magician is prepared to talk to me without looking down his nose at me!

ANDERS MODEN : Magician From Winnipeg

Anders helped me learn the watch steal (pickpocketing). One night about 13 years ago, I was at a bar with my pals. I saw Anders there and told him I did not have the balls to try a watch steal. I knew the technique, but I feared getting caught! That night, we performed some tricks together and eventually, Anders got me to use a watch steal – and I actually pulled it off! Thanks Anders for sharing with me and teaching me to “only check it out!”


I met him a few times and have seen David perform on occasion. He is quite graceful and I genuinely love seeing him perform. He is constantly performing for the audience. I wish I had more to say about David, but I do not really know him! He was very polite the few times we interacted. I hope he continues to focus on his art, I think he is incredibly talented!

Scott is an extremely successful marketer. I respect his approach to promotion, mixing his magic with motivational speaking. He has a successful career and he performs consistently. Scott is a nice guy, very good for children’s entertainment.

Doug is THE magician from Winnipeg. His flamboyant style was credited with the revival of a lost art. Doug’s passion for magic reignited the flames of magic performance across the world.

Magicians From Winnipeg

A short movie about the Magicians in Winnipeg was released last summer. Entitled “Pick a card, any card”, this video shows us some of Winnipeg’s working magicians.

Although Scott Carnegie came out to film me on Canada day, my contribution to the film didn’t make it past the cutting room floor. I am unable to help but think this is a result of the fact that I had been performing manipulation that day. “Flourishes”, as they’re known in magic are “not magic” according to many magicians. Even though my manipulations were printed in Genii magazine in 2011, absolute exploitation is not consistently honored by magicians; who consider it to more akin to juggling.

One day you also see me and in case you are a Magician, come talk to me! I always enjoy sharing magic with others. Even in case you are a complete noob, come and speak to me. I am open to sharing my magic with you!

When I whip out a cut, a flipback enthusiast or a cross cut some magicians get their panties in a bunch. Others feel I am awesome since they understand the discipline and ability involved.



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