Procedures In Making An Indoor Practice Putting Green

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Any golf player is aware that a practice putting green is really important in order to help them practice their game. Building an indoor putting green on your own is certainly a great way to save some money because buying this golf equipment is not that cheap. Additionally, having your own putting green at home allows you to practice your game at anytime you wish to, even during rainy days when you cannot go out and play. So here’s how to construct your own putting green at home.

Build The Frame

Your first step is to build a rectangular frame from a 2″ x 8″ pine boards. You should be able to come up with a 4″ x 8″ board and make sure that it should have a height of about four and a half inches. Use metal brackets to secure the frame well. Next, attach 2″ x 4″ support beams inside the frame you’ve built. Afterwards, nail them on both ends and make sure that you space them evenly out so that there will not be any weak areas and that it will not easily give up when you walk right on top of the practice putting green.

Create A Board

After you are done with the frame, the next step is to create boards. So cut a plywood board to a dimension that is similar to the frame you just created. After that, nail the board on top of the frame. The ends of the plywood should then be flushed in order to be in-line with the sides of the frame.

Then grab a compass and a pencil and create a circle with a diameter of 4 inches. This will serve as the hole for your practice putting green. Make sure to leave some space of about a foot or two on both sides of the hole. Make use of a jigsaw when cutting the hole and do not be in a rush. Take your time so as to make sure that you arrive with the right size of hole and that the edges will appear as smooth as possible.

Attach The Carpet

When you are done creating the board, the next step is to glue or attach a turf carpet to the plywood board you just created. So apply a generous amount of glue on the plywood board that’s attached to the frame of your practice putting green.

You also need to apply some glue on the turf carpet, right on the area that will be glued on the board. If you think they are ready to be attached, then apply the carpet to the board carefully and pull tightly to ensure that there won’t be any bulges that might cause an obstruction on your game. If you think that the carpet is now smooth enough, check the edges and trim off any pieces that is hanging over the board.

The last step is to insert a cup on the hole you have created on the board. You can make use of any plastic cup or container, or you could check out some of the golf supply stores in your area and see if they offer a cup to be used for the hole of your practice putting green.

Buying practice putting green will be quick when you know the right place to check out. And these days, there are actually several internet websites that will help you with synthetic putting greens.



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