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Widespread antagonism between believers of different religious communities and a feeling of pitting against one another has led to the emergence of the most deadly and ubiquitous problem that he world has been plaguing with. Terrorism has changed the world for worse. Nations which once were crowned as God’s abode have become a playing ground for terrorists. Labeling a particular religion as terrorism friendly, raising a brow on any unattended article at public place and avoiding going to some overly crowded place has all the more made people think twice before stepping out of their homes. Well, thanks to the jets which can drop a bomb on your heads making you flee out of the only place which you thought you would be safer.

Terrorism has serious repercussions on an economy and tourism is one thing that has been affected badly. You might be engaged in extensive travelling to different nations but it is imperative that you must keep in mind the most favored places for terrorist to create upheaval. There are many nations which are suffering from this grave problem out of which Malaysia is one. Malaysia security (マレーシア 治安) is an important issue to be borne in mind next time when you’re in Malaysia. There is always an associated risk of foreigners kidnapping, piracy and ransom mercenary. Crime rate is on an all time high over there and Zika virus is another risk factor.

Philippines is another nation which has become a breeding ground for various heinous crimes with more than 1, 50,000 crimes being committed in 2015 alone. Terrorist activities have made foreigners to refrain from travelling and citizens to flee out of their home nation due to widespread breach in Philippines security (フィリピン 治安). There are some Do’ and Don’ts regarding making any travel plans:

• Keep distance from glass buildings.

• Follow the instructions of governmental organization.

• Remain at you homes on days of national importance.

Medici Corporation is one such website that helps you to plan your trip keeping in mind your safety aspect. You must be aware of various terrorist activities and crimes being committed in a particular nation. It provides a wide database regarding the same.

About Medici Corporation

Medici Corporation is a website that provides a database regarding which nations are safe from terrorist activities and other heinous crimes. Issues of national importance like Cambodia security (カンボジア 治安) might be the top concern for you. This enables you to plan your vacation safely. For more details, you may log on to



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