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Ok, don’t be so jealous of Canada, The United States also has a silver dollar worth wooing over. The 1921 Silver Dollar is a good investment because of five reasons that you’ll love to know. Don’t worry I will be telling you those five reason so that you can make a decision on whether or not to invest in the 1921 Silver Dollar also known as the Morgan Head Silver Dollar.

Legal Tender In The USA- A 1921 silver dollar can be used as legal United States tender, and this use can be in any country that accepts American currency. Using these coins for currency can be a costly move because each one is valued anywhere from $25-$200 and only has a face value of $1.

The Morgan Head is a remarkable coin because it is recognized everywhere around the globe. This therefore makes the Silver Morgan Head a global currency. That means places that certain currency cannot be used, these coins can definitely be used.

This coin is a great investment because you will see a return on it. You of course will see a good return on it if you buy it at a great price. In order to make sure that you make a good investment, you have to make sure that you do extensive research on this coin or any coin for the matter before buying it.

Economic Conditions – This silver dollar is great for economic conditions such as the way that the economy is currently going. If the economy continues on the path that it is going, it soon will crash. When it does crash all money will be worthless. You can count on coins for their precious metals.

Never Completely Lose Value- A 1921 silver dollar will never completely lose value. If the numismatic value of the coin drops to $0 the coin will still retain the value of the silver bullion held in the coin. The reverse is also true. Even if the silver bullion price drops extremely low the coin will still be prized by collectors for the numismatic value.

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After reading up these five reasons to look into purchasing the 1921 Silver Dollar, your decision should be a tad bit clearer now.

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