Maintenance Free Decking Increases Living Space

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Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular than ever. Decks, patios and even outdoor living rooms provide a cost effective way to increase the room a home has to offer the family and guests. When equipped with a grill, furniture or a hot tub they make a great place to entertain, dine or relax. Use of maintenance free decking means the area will require less work to ensure it is ready to entertain.

Decks offer several advantages over patios, but the owner should consider local building codes, along with the purpose of the space and terrain of the lot. Some local building codes allow for decks while others only allow for patios. In addition, a patio is often a better choice when supporting the weight of a hot tub. However, unless the lot is fairly level, the deck makes the best choice.

While checking codes to determine which structure will be allowed, be sure to ask if a building permit will be required. In most cases they are, even if one plans to do his own construction. Be sure to call to have all underground utilities in the area located before doing any digging.

While wood is the most traditional choice, it may require more work to maintain. Wood often needs to be restained on a regular basis. Vinyl requires less work to maintain and offers extreme durability. Composite materials are made of wood mixed with a polymer to provide a durable material. Vinyl and composites do not cause splinters that can be found in wood.

Most decks are installed adjacent to the building. If an above ground pool is located in the yard, the construction may move to near the pool in order to provide a place to enjoy sun and the water. Owners should consider the chemicals that will be used to maintain the swimming pool in choosing appropriate materials.

Patios are often built using concrete, tile, brick or stone. Stamped concrete is a versatile choice that can mimic the looks of much more expensive materials at a very affordable cost. The material used to construct the patio affects the texture and color of the finished surface. Combining different materials allows one to create interesting patterns. Many owners select geometric shapes while others select a custom shape to complement the landscape.

If the home already has an existing patio or deck it many need modification to create a more versatile space. Adding a pergola to either the patio or deck can help to create a tropical atmosphere regardless of the location of the home. Adding a cover can provide protection from both sun and rain making the space more useful. Adding built in furniture, such as bench to a deck can easily increase seating. A built in grill, surrounded by a versatile countertop can be a good choice if one enjoys outdoor dining. Adding small patios or decks near a garden or other landscape feature can add depth to the outdoor living space.

Regardless of the design one chooses, maintenance free decking allows the homeowner to enjoy more time in the outdoors. They reduce the hours spent to maintain the area. Most of these materials require a simple sweeping a regular basis.

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