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Several people are embracing the use of softwood to cover their houses. In the olden days, it was used to cover traditional homes. However, not all people have embraced this method as a type of roofing. This is because they do not know how to install them. The cedar shake roof installation is not a hard task, with adequate know how, it is something that most people can do. All one needs to do is to learn how to do it then set forth in undertaking the task.

The last for long and can remain there for as long as you stay in the house without wearing out. There is little that one has to do to ensure they maintain their beauty. This is something that many like it for. The fact that they complement the environment by their natural look is an added advantage. They also give an almost perfect landscape.

Most of these are made from the western red cedar. This tree has its numerous advantages including its low density and impermeability to fluids. Its major advantage is that they are resistant to decaying. This is a vital property since it makes it long lasting. Notably redwood and the cypress are others that can be used in making these coverings. These two are as good as western red cedar, though their supply is not as much hence is not preferred.

He material used in making them is very strong. This does not indicate that they are perfect. On the contrary, they have many shortcomings. Therefore, one has to learn how to take care of them to increase the time they are to stay. Maintenance ensures that you save on cost tat could have otherwise be used in buying others.

Coverings are not totally waterproof thus they may leak water in if care is not taken. When branches and leaves fall on it, they may cause water to leak in. Therefore, it is vital to clean up the roofing as regularly as possible. This can be done using a long rake. The rake sweeps out all the dirt. One should avoid using a power washer as it may make the covering to break.

Debris that may accumulate on it makes mold and algae form on it. This is due to their decaying properties. The debris, being organic decays and causes the mold to form under it. Therefore, ensure that you clean up the cover as often as you can.

For those who opt for a multilevel cover, beware of rusting. Rusting takes place when it splits to form peaks, where there is a metal surface. Its exposure may lead to rust. In case this happens, one can wash it away using a wire brush to prevent spreading. Because rust may wear the cover and cause holes to form. There are other cases whereby plants grow on these covers. They have diverse effects of making holes on them. In case this happens, get the chemical that is used to treat the roofing and apply it on them.

Deciding to use cedar shake roof installation is one thing you can not regret. All one needs to do is to take good care of them. Their maintenance is not hard. Please try using them.

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