How to Use Database Migration Programs for Data Conversion Applications

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In digital era, managing bulk data through database management systems (DBMS) has become a bare necessity. Data plays a pivotal role in any business’s growth and survival. Companies and Business organizations require crucial data to be handled, updated and retrieved in its original form without any data corruption or any sort of tampering. Consequently, every data transfer procedure must provide data integrity, security and consistency.

There are certain software tools that work as effective solutions helping you to switch and migrate your DBMS platform between various platforms like MS Access to MySQL. Converting database from one platform to another is required for certain organizations and without robust migration programs this process can make the data corrupted and cause data loss. Such major failures may lead to loss of important business information and overruns of the scheduled timeframe resulting in increased project cost and far reaching repercussions. To avoid it you need a professional data migration toolkit encompassing programs that helps you to maintain the data integrity and keeping in mind that the following steps unfold in synchronization:

• Convert types, attributes and embedded functions ensuring correct correspondence of elements in source and destination data sets.

• Extract data ensuring the process is timely and effective

• Clean redundant and incomplete data

• Load data in the destination database ensuring integrity and accuracy • Verify equivalence of source and destination databases

Evolution of technologies leads to changes in information systems that may require data migration to new Database Management System (DBMS). These changes compel you to take note of important aspects that revolve around data migration and transfer. Dedicated migration toolkits can help you to follow the right direction under mentioned prerequisites:

• What kind of data is to be converted?

• Is it a full or partial conversion?

• What will be the frequency of data conversion, migration or synchronization?

• Understanding particularities of the source and destination formats of the migration process.

DBMS allows a user to manage, edit, modify and store business data. Some of the most popular database management systems are MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. In order to switch the database to new software platform we need to perform all required data conversions with the best possible accuracy. On large data volume, migration process becomes quite hard and tedious work if running manually, so dedicated migration tools may essentially reduce timeframe of the project.

Intelligent Converters is a software company founded in 2001, having its core competencies in data migration, conversion and synchronization techniques. Main goal of the company is to help customers migrate and convert databases without data loss or corruption. In addition, they can helps you to extract data from orphaned Oracle dump files. Experts of the company are able to advise the best migration strategy and how to rule out incompatibility of source and destination data. Intelligent Converters offer the appropriate consulting services and their experienced engineers will help you to convert data with ease and in a secured manner. Conversion toolkits provided by the company are designed to convert databases between various platforms like MySQL to PostgreSQL. The software provides high performance of database conversion process because it does not use ODBC or any other middleware. Each tool allows to automate, script and schedule database conversion via command line support.

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Being founded in 2001, Intelligent Converters company specializes in data migration, conversion and synchronization software and services like MS SQL to Postgres converter. For more details, you may visit the official site



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