Facts About Benefits Of Using Cheap Tanning Lotions

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Getting a tan can give you certain benefits such as a glowing look and healthier bones. You can get darker with natural sunlight or by going to a tanning spa. It is possible to tan safely by rubbing on sun blocks or tanning cheap tanning lotions. Go for cheaper but effective brands to be able to afford to use them often.

Always use solutions that will give you a nice even shade but will also protect you from the harmful effects of UV rays. Both the sun and indoor beds will expose you to some kind of UV rays. Studies have shown that burning your skin through natural methods or at a tanning spa can lead to skin cancer.

It is possible to avoid skin cancer and burning by protecting yourself with effective solutions that also contain UV protection. You should also limit the time you expose yourself to the sun and salon bulbs. Tan for ten to fifteen minutes only per session. That should give you a nice tan without burning your skin.[I:]

Limiting your exposure to UV rays will significantly lessen the chances of burning the skin and suffering from the ill effects of UV rays. Tan several times for short periods to get the effect you want at a safer level. Start your first session with a short 5 minute session and then eventually increase your exposure to 10 at a time.

Once your skin acquires a mild tan it will be safer to expose it to the UV rays for longer periods of 15 minutes per session. Use a darkening lotion to facilitate faster darkening of the skin to lessen your exposure to UV rays. Make sure you use lotions that also contain UV blocking properties.

Before applying your lotion on your body, you should scrub away all the dead skin by exfoliating it. This lets you get a more even tan. It also allows your skin to absorb the cream better, making it more effective. Use a loofah in your bath before you head off to the tanning salon and prior to applying the lotion. Rub it evenly all over the skin.

You can make your tan last longer by putting on an after sun solution on your skin. Apply a moisturizer to avoid dry complexion. If you get cheap tanning lotions, you can afford to use them more often each time you tan. It will let you save cash while you get a deep tan.

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