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Delve into the Fantasy World with Unicorn Checks

May 8, 2013 | Author: | Posted in ENTERTAINMENT

Remember back when you were young and dreamt of distant lands that contained castles, princes, and unicorns? These days, it sure would feel nice sometimes if you could just dream yourself back to that time, or that place in your dreams. While you may not be able to transport yourself back in time, with beautiful unicorn check designs you will always be able to carry a piece of that world with you.

Little girls love unicorns and the two go together like peas and carrots. Almost every little girl went through a time where unicorns were idealized and dreamed about. Some never outgrew that love!

The idea of the unicorn has been around for centuries. Since the beginning of its time, as a folklore character in Europe, it has stood for purity and grace. Only those were worthy were able to capture this woodland creature and its might horn represented power and strength. The horn itself had amazing powers and could even heal the sick.

For awhile, many people thought the unicorns might be real. Actually, a lot of people now hope that might! The true information, of course, proves that the unicorn is more than likely based on a mixture of large cats, rhinos, and one horned goats. That’s not as fascinating as the fantasies, of course! Sometimes, though, you just don’t want stark reality to impede a perfectly wonderful daydream and unicorns are a good example of this.

The unicorn has shown up in Biblical art, fairy tales, and beautiful murals from the Renaissance time period. Now, stunning, magical unicorns can also decorate your personal checks as you bring a little magic to your finances!

There is a variety of Unicorn checks to pick from and every one is more fanciful than the last. Most of the checks have coordinating accessories that can be bought at an extra cost. The matching checkbook covers, address labels, and contact cards look sensational and they’re useful, too, which makes them even more enticing.

Plus, a lot of the checks come with rotating images so every check you write will differ from the previous one. This can make writing checks more fun than it has ever been. Everyone deserves a little fun in their finances!

If you thought that visiting your local bank in the past to purchase your checks was troublesome and pricey, then you’ll enjoy ordering them online. Aside from being handier, it’s even cheaper! A reputable website can give you unicorn checks for as much as 50% off the price of the designs that your local bank might have had.

Plus, when you buy your checks online, you’ll have a huge assortment of check designs to choose from, unlike at your local bank where the designs might have been limited. Now, you can carry the unicorn checks that you’ve always wanted and not have to break your wallet in the process!

Before you purchase Unicorn checks, visit to find coupon codes and to save 50% off your next purchase of Unicorn personal checks.



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